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    To prepare for his career in law enforcement, Joseph Sordi earned a BS in criminal justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a MS in protection management from the same institution. He has complemented this education with additional training over the years, earning a variety of certifications including the FBI Hostage Negotiator certification and a FEMA Emergency Manager and Disaster Planner certification. With this training, Joseph Sordi enjoyed a long career as a sergeant with the New York Police Department and continues to serve as the managing director of the private risk management firm Strategic Security Corp. (SSC).

    Mr. Sordi joined the NYPD in 1996 and became a sergeant in 2001. Before retiring from the force, he worked with a number of divisions, from the Intelligence Division to the Organized Crime Control Bureau. He earned accolades such as the certificate of appreciation from the US Department of State.

    In 2002, Mr. Sordi started providing security services, intelligence, and risk management support to major companies and government agencies as the operations manager for SSC. He became the managing director in 2007 and has successfully established the firm as one of the top security companies in the industry.

    As an expert in security and emergency management, Joseph Sordi has also authored articles, presented lectures, and served as an adjunct professor at the Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York.

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    A 20-year veteran of the New York Police Department, Joseph Sordi presently serves as the...
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