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Why Work with Strategic Security Corp.?

Joseph Sordi

Joseph Sordi has worked for more than two decades building an accomplished career as a law enforcement officer and security specialist. Since 2007, Joseph Sordi has helped countless organizations develop crisis management procedures in his role as managing director at Strategic Security Corp. (SSC).

Over the course of 15 years, SSC has provided security solutions to government entities and many other clients in industries ranging from hospitality to finance. The company primarily dedicates its services to assisting organizations with the mitigation of safety risks. By maintaining focus on the client, SSC is uniquely positioned to provide a number of benefits to its partners. 

Those who choose to work with SSC will, first and foremost, gain advanced preparedness for emergency situations and other threats. The firm assists these organizations in the creation of contingency plans that will ensure that their employees are fully capable of handling potentially harmful situations. 

Outside of crisis preparedness, SSC can help its clients bolster the security capabilities of corporate facilities. Due to the complexity of these security systems, many companies may not be able to execute the proper procedures without professional assistance. SSC, however, leverages a specialized team of experts from the CIA and NYPD to ensure the effectiveness of all its clients' security protocols.


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